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Submerge yourself in luxury and create a new lifestyle.  A spa is an investment in a new lifestyle filled with peace, relaxation and memories. Whether it’s a mind calming end to your workday or spending quality time with your family and friends, your quality of life will increase. Improve your health and happiness from the many therapeutic benefits of warm, jetted spa water. We invite you to discover for yourself the many advantages of spa ownership and the incomparable quality of a QCA Spa.

Pamper yourself as your cares gently fade away. Just imagine your entire body totally submersed in a warm, bubbling oasis. The weight of the world is lifted from your body. Your mind is at peace and there’s no stress. Your blood vessels open to bring rich oxygen and nutrients to your tired, aching muscles and joints. You are totally relaxed and nothing can compare with the tranquility you will feel in a QCA Spa.

Surround yourself with quality from a company that’s been an Innovator in spa therapy since 1966.    QCA Spas, Inc. has been recognized as one of the oldest spa companies in America. Since 1966, QCA Spas has strived to provide more hydrotherapy in their spas. QCA Spas was the innovator of the patented Wave-Max™ seat, the Hydro Max™ seat and the Ultra Wave™ Lounge. All QCA Spas have been tested and rated by Underwriters Laboratory for your safety and peace of mind. Most recently QCA Spas was featured as one of the top 25 spa companies by America’s Top Hot Tubs & Spas magazine. Our spas are featured regularly on "The Price is Right" television game show.


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